Monday, January 26, 2009


You may have the latest and greatest phone of the moment, but it will only be regarded as a geeky tech gadget unless it is carried with style. Finnish phone maker Nokia understands this very well and it is reflected in the accessories the company has made available-though not in all parts of the world.

The Nokia Phone Jewellery Collection CP-313, for example, allows you to not only keep your device close to hand, but also add a personal touch with a collection of 14 fashionable jewellery accessories comprising ornamental chains or a sturdy unisex leather strap.

To add a dash of pizazz, check out the Carrying Case CP-249, which is termed by the company as a purse with personality. In a choice of dark pink or grey, it also includes an optional wrist strap.

Sports lovers can wear the Wrist Band CP-218 to keep trim and in touch. The cotton wristband holds most Nokia devices as you stay in shape. Listen to music, stay in touch, and when you're done put it through the wash with the rest of your kit. It is available in grey or black and white designs.

The availability of particular products, services and features may vary by region. Please check with your local Nokia dealer for further details. These spesifications are subject to change without notice.

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