Sunday, January 25, 2009


Free apps for work and play
Freeware can never be one too many since they are free anyway. These are four of my choices for you to keep.

AnyTV is a video player similar to Joost, an Internet TV service created by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis (founders of Skype and Kazaa). It provides a list of TV shows which can be streamed for free. No fuss, no mess.


Text Mining Tool is an application for ripping text out of Portable Document Format or HTML files without copying the embedded codes.

For instance, you can copy and paste text from a .doc file which has an embedded image in it into your blog. If you didn't upload the image, the image will not appear in the blog, but the code for the images is still there. The code will appear when you switch to Edit HTML. The worst part is when that code changes your blog post's outlook and you don't even know that the code is the culprit.

This is where Text Mining Tool comes in. Just open the .doc file and it will automatically mine put the text. This tool needs the .Net 2.0 framework.


Normally, one should not mess with the Process Window of the Task Manager since ending a vital process may crash Windows. But Process Lasso takes the Process Window feature to a new level. You can control process priorities, auto-terminate suspected illegal processes such as viruses, and monitor and login in real-time CPU usage and process.


Firefox users, rejoice! Those who need to download images or file links on a page can do so now with DownThemAll. This application will list all the file links on that page and you can choose what you want.

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