Monday, January 26, 2009

THE CA-IP500 : Now You Can Dock iPod in car radio

PRE-IPOD, drivers who wanted to listen to music had little alternative to turning on their radio or manually inserting CDs (or cassette tapes) into a player. After Apple's music layer arrived, drivers who wanted to ditch those options for the iPod largely had to be content with an external iPod setup, complete with cords, brackets and other unwieldy arrangements.

Fusion Electronics has created an AM-FM car stereo, the CA-IP500, which also is an internal dock for your iPod. Once you've secured your iPod in the dock, the CA-ip500 lets you select songs, change the volume and generally control our device through an easy-to-read fully integrated iPod interface because of an organic LED display. Your iPod is being charged at the same time.

The CA-IP500 does not need an adapter sleeve to dock your iPod, but the sleeve comes in the package. It's compatible with the iPod Touch, classic and Nanos (a full list is on the company's Web site at, and is available for US$250 (RM875). The head unit is also comes with a detachable faceplateto fol would-be thieves.

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  1. This is a cool product. Excellent that the ipod is also charged while playing.