Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sony Cybershot, Olympus mju1040 Crystal, Panasonic DMC-G1

Fashionable cameras

There's an unwritten rule book on cameras that states that cameras must either be silver or black, until recently that is.

Sony started the move towards more fashionable cameras with its Cybershot range. Even Panasonic has experimented with red, blue and a safe black for its DMC-G1 dSLR with matching lenses.

Olympus caught on the trend with the mju1040 compact, sporting a multitude of colours from silver, red, yellow, black and recently, a crystal over black by partnering with Swarovsky on its mju1040 Crystal. It's not exactly diamonds, but does look the part.

The mju1040 Crystal decked in midnight black has an arrangement of 98 Swarovski crystals on the slider.


  1. Hi!
    love looking at that olympus camera. Is that a new one?
    See you around.

  2. I got an older Luminix 10 mega pixels.
    Amazing camera even if the color is black :)

  3. my cousin would love one these fashion style cameras, perfect color and slim, easy to carry around. Nice!

  4. Sony has made the gadget world so colourful. They first got it in the laptop world now the camera world. Beautiful, makes me want to buy one right away.

  5. I have an older model Cybershot. It still takes awesome pictures...sometimes I think it takes better pictures than many of the later models. Who knows? Maybe it's the photographer and not actually the camera that makes the difference! :)

  6. These all are very amazing & beautiful camera I also has cybershot old model but it is amazing in photography. Few weeks ago I bought home office products at discount consumer electronics store.

    Steve Parker