Monday, January 26, 2009


Backing up computer files is important. But because of the cables, software downloads and clunky external drives involved, it's no wonder many users don't do it.

Of course, all it takes is one waterlogged laptop to make users wish for the day when they were smart enough to make a copy of their data. SanDisk, the make rof flash storage cards, has introduced what it hopes will be a more inviting solution.

Instead of cables, its Ultra Backup USB flash drive relies on a dedicated and clearly marked backup button. Press it and the job is done. The USB drive does the rest by searching your computer for the necessary updates.

In addition to its one-step backup, the drive offers to layers of protection for your files by using password-protected access control and Advanced Encryption Standard technology.

The Ultra Backup USB flash drive is available in models from eight gigabytes (US$40/RM140) to 64GB (US$200) and will be released in April -just in time for digital spring cleaning.

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